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Here is my final project. I was able to do a decent job on it, I think. It follows my story board closely and flows well. It might not tell a big story about me, but it does go along with everything I have been creating in the class so far. Enjoy.

About Me Draft


This draft is no where near finished. It does not even reach the end of my story board because I ran out of time in class to work on it. I also had difficulty with my computer running slowly, which cause the video to appear choppy. I want to make my transitions between video, pictures, and music better than what they are now. Also, I need to actually finish my story.

Story Board

Photos for final project

Title Page Tutorial

In Class Tutorial

Final Audio Story

I was able to add music and audio from interviews with three more people to my final audio story. The difference it made to my story was huge. My draft was slow boring and had bad quality audio. My final is better sounding, flows better, and tells a better story. I added an instrumental by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers that I think fits the mood of my story very well. I also used a song called Sunshine by Yelawolf, a normally profane rapper who goes very soft during the chorus of the song. I definitely like using both songs during my story so that neither was too repetitive. I liked how my two first impressions were polar opposites. My good friend saw me as a guarded tough guy, while his female roommate thought I came off as quiet and shy. I would probably agree with both of them. I wish that all of my audio sounded as good as the tri-studio recorded audio, but that is my only regret for this project.

Audio Story


I have had difficulty with this project on many different fronts. The first thing that I am not happy about is how bad the audio sounds. Since it did not sound like this while I was editing it, I assume that sound cloud ruined its quality. Another thing that I don’t like about my audio story is that currently I am not telling a very good story. It more of a general interview with my dad. I plan on adding audio bits from other people or more likely audio from myself as a narrator. I think my narration could add a lot to my project and give the interview breaks that will add direction for the discussion. I would definitely like to break up my dad with other people. I think it would speed up my story which seems to drag on about useless information at some points. I would also cut out part of my current interview in order to create room for the other audio.

extra raw audio